What We Do

We eliminate spam by putting stamps on your email, just like regular mail.

How We Do It

Stamps ensure that you're only getting mail from sources that you trust.

Why It Matters

Eliminating spam ensures that your email is only used for important things.

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Take Control of the Spam

We've all entered our email into a website before, and we know all too well that once you've done that a couple times, your inbox very quickly becomes a mess of newsletters and marketing emails that we must wade through to find the important stuff. What if you could ensure that your email only contains the messages that really matter?
Stamp does exactly that.

Stamping Emails

Stamp works just like stamps on a regular letter. Before a letter is sent, a stamp is put on it to show that it has been paid for. The same holds true here. When you send an email, a digital "stamp" is affixed to it, to show that it is a legitimate email. When you receive an email, if it doesn't contain a stamp, it's automatically tossed in the Junk folder.

A Safer Internet

So how does this help? The stamps are cheap - for you. A cent or two per email is nothing for most of us, but if you're an online marketing agency, those seemingly small costs add up very quickly. For them, that could increase the cost twofold. The result is a much more reasonable use of email communication that respects your privacy and the cleanliness of your inbox instead of allowing in a litany of unwanted marketing emails and advertisements.

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